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Simple podcasting

July 2, 2010

At the conference we have been shown the simplest way I have ever seen to create podcast. Using only a iPod or iPhone.
I challenge all the teachers with a iPhone to make one over the holiday. I have a prize to give away to the first teacher to show me a podcast next term.

Tony Vincent’s web cast on podcasting th the conference
Follow that link for the instructions


Twitter: connecting People and Ideas

March 14, 2010

Twitter you may not of heard about it but it is out there. You put your thoughts out there no more than 140 characters at a time. But it’s power comes in the following people with similar ideas. Currently there are 500 million individual tweets a day. Everyone can look at them but the power of the internet is to be able to search and filter these for topics. Find people sharing information you are interested in and then following them.

Following means when they tweet it comes directly to you you don’t have to look for it. If you send tweets out people may follow you also.

So for example if in the college there is only one or two teachers teaching your upper-school subject you can connect globally to other people with that content knowledge and see what the are tweeting.

Why not just stick to email you say. Twitter is not a personal communication method and it is not facebook. it is idea and thoughts shared.

Only your recipients can check your email anyone with an interest can find your thoughts on twitter. Some people never send tweets just use it to follow interesting people, but if you start putting interesting ideas out soon people will follow you.

Always remember your etiquette, you don’t go to a conference stand up in the middle of the seminar and yell out “some one Help me with….” You search out useful conversations or influential people. Listen carefully and when the opportunity arises you may offer advice to someone. After establishing your worth and credibility you may start leading discussions.

Recording your PD with WACOT

March 9, 2010

In your 5 years membership period you must log 3 different types of PD from the listed sections. So you must record a minimum of 3 PD’s but if they are not from different categories you will need to record more.

Developing curriculum materials
Reflection on teaching practice
Strategies for instruction and assessment
Apply research findings in the classroom
Integrate information technology
Supervision and management of students
Being mentored
Present classroom methodology
Work with the community
Participate in professional associations
Participate in study groups
Develop educational policy
Carry out research
Undertake postgraduate studies
Present research findings

Entering Interim Report Data

March 9, 2010

eMaze is not a full replacement for Maze it is a complementary service. It means if you really love using Maze and sharing the office computer that is great and that is available for you. But if you would rather be able to enter you marks anywhere any time there is a solution. So if the sea-breeze is not in, the sun is hot and there is a nice swell, and if like me you know of a better place to be at 4:00 with your family. Then you can enter you marks at another time and place.

Virtual tours using streetview

March 3, 2010

Without having to leave the classroom students can get to look at different Urban and Rural environments. Use the Streetview facility in Google maps and also the integrated photo sharing and wikipedia entries.

Yr 7 Science – Graphing

March 2, 2010

Year 7 Task. Looking at a simulation of heating of water and recording the temp vs time as it changes state.

Creating a Slide Show – iPhoto

February 26, 2010

Use iPhoto to organise your photos. You can also use iPhoto to create slideshows.

Google Books

February 23, 2010

A closer look at google books. A very useful tool for research.

You can find books on topics search inside books for key words, review the books and find out where to buy it from.

Google Search Extras

February 23, 2010

We can all google something but what about the extra features Google offer to help sort you information?

Near map Local Hi-Res Aerial Photos

February 20, 2010

Aerial Photo graphy can be great for a variety of uses while we all know about google earth and maps another good site is nearmap. This provides high quality images of Perth and its surrounds (as well as other locals) currently perth have some of the highest resolution images of any of the locations. This site allows you to find a location by address just like other mapping applications. but it then presents you with a tool bar at the top where you can scroll through all the older images fopr the same location. The older images will typically go back to 2007 and cover a few photos per year so you will be able to see seasonal changes.

You can do the same with google maps or earth back to around 2000 but the image quality is not as fine.