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A Discussion: add your voice please comment.

May 4, 2010

I May need to put here that all opinions expressed here are my personal opinions and do not reflect college policy. But I will use this post and any comments as a basis of the next IT workgroup meeting.

Class Teacher: James I think we need to consider that next year students will have to be taught everything from scratch on their Macs.

James: I don’t know what you mean by “every thing from scratch” These kids have been using computers since preprimary regardless of mac, PC or net-book the internet is the same, a wordprocessor is the same. Getting used to the functionality of the macs is the same kind of change from windows XP (that we use at school which is 8 years old) compared to the windows 7 system that comes with all new machines now that student would use at home. Some off the problems people are having with the word processor on the mac are due to the fact we are now using the newer 2008 version which is what most students use at home, not the 8 year old version we have on the PC’s at school; and soon all desktop PC’s and the macs will be upgraded to the 2010 version so this change would happen anyway.

Class Teacher: Who will be teaching it?

James: You will be teaching it, anything you want the kids to do, may need to be shown by you or not depending on the students abilities, just like literacy or numeracy the class teacher models and includes it. If you are concerned about what the students may know I can give you guidance with that. There has been no compulsory computing lessons until this year and that is only 1 lesson a week with the year 7′s. So the student will go from 1 lesson a week using computers to 30 so the exposure to the “basics” is massive. As for year 9′s they are offered an elective that covers the basics in computing, but no one elects to take it, the courses they choose are the advance courses and if the basics are introduced here they leave the subject.

Class Teacher: How will we deliver it?

James: As the class teacher you choose how to deliver any teaching in the classroom. This is a process that you may be solely concerned with or is planned in a process within your Learning area. In this learning program you should be clear about the ICT skills that will be used. Sometimes you may need to explicitly teach to one group a skill while next time they will already know it. This is the same as in my year 8 engineering, with some classes I have to teach how to solve the V=I/R equation and other time they know how to do it; or in Computing one group I need to explain in-text referencing, later in the year the next group they know how to do it.

Class Teacher: What will we deliver?

James: You will deliver what ever is in your teaching program, ICT is integrated. In the outset this might be simple word processing and research but as your skills grow, you may choose to deliver more activities and different styles of ICT. If you are in a subject area with many teachers delivering the same course you might find that: while the students get the same subject outcomes they may find different methods in the class, just as you do now as teachers use their strengths and engage the students in differing ways, but there should be equity across classes that enables students to utilise ICT as they are capable of as long as the teacher feels it assists the subject outcomes.

Class Teacher: Do we have 2 dedicated days in the first week for students to get the basics???

James: You would need to define the basics as this is a nebulous statement. If they are basic they wouldn’t need much teaching. But remember as the students have the laptops for every subject 30 periods a week, they will pretty quickly get used to the basics. Having seeing how preprimary students at a local school have become skilled up over a term on the mac’s, remembering that they only do one session a week I am confident that our students will make good progress. While I would absolutely love 2 days to spend with the students in reality this time would be with a “random” assortment of available teachers according to the timetable, it would be better for theses teachers to be in their subject areas using the skills they feel the students need in context. Also as all HOLA’s are equally passionate about their Learning areas as I am about mine, everyone would want 2 days like this if it was possible for skilling up in their LEarning area, but once again unless they are taught in context in a subject specific way it os poor use of time.

Class Teacher: Can we have all their logins organised on one of their orientations days rather than spread over 2 weeks as we did this year.

James: this year due to our expansion to yr 7 at the college I had to show 2 year groups how to log on the the network, to do this I had to get the every class in a lab which depended on the timetable so it took 2 weeks to get through all the year 8 & 7 Classes. Next year the student will have their own laptops they don’t need to know how to log on as they just turn it on. Unlike the staff they will not be connected to the network and will have no H:Drive (network home) or P:drive(shared student). They will only have printer access and internet access so any files you want to share with them will be via MyClasses. Students will save all their work on their laptop hard drive. Also 98% of our students come from our feeder schools who are using the same myinternet learning portal system.

James: These are all great questions and these are the questions and discussion we need to have in a public forum with staff on an ongoing basis though our year of learning in the lead up to 2011.


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