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Recording your PD with WACOT

March 9, 2010

In your 5 years membership period you must log 3 different types of PD from the listed sections. So you must record a minimum of 3 PD’s but if they are not from different categories you will need to record more.

Developing curriculum materials
Reflection on teaching practice
Strategies for instruction and assessment
Apply research findings in the classroom
Integrate information technology
Supervision and management of students
Being mentored
Present classroom methodology
Work with the community
Participate in professional associations
Participate in study groups
Develop educational policy
Carry out research
Undertake postgraduate studies
Present research findings


Entering Interim Report Data

March 9, 2010

eMaze is not a full replacement for Maze it is a complementary service. It means if you really love using Maze and sharing the office computer that is great and that is available for you. But if you would rather be able to enter you marks anywhere any time there is a solution. So if the sea-breeze is not in, the sun is hot and there is a nice swell, and if like me you know of a better place to be at 4:00 with your family. Then you can enter you marks at another time and place.