Imagine if Google did a Learning Management system

July 16, 2011

If you have googled it you have researched it. It has been great to see teachers move from assignments that simply ask for facts that can now be found so easily to analysis and but imagine now if the teacher had access to the analytics that Google has.

Lets start by setting an openeded question, a poorley formed probem with information missing that falls into the style Dan Meyer talks about in his speech.

Now once the students start researching if teachers could see in realtime the topics and the results. While the teacher would have set the background teaching and been involved in the topic discussion. But then during the research phase you may be able to get around to a number of students and help them, even identify patterns while helping and re focus or offer guidance. If the teacher had real time access to the data that Google has. being able to see the keywords and phrases used, seeing the long clicks and short clicks. See how the students change the search terms. That would be a fantastic resource seeing what direction the students are taking and being able to spot trends or missing chunks. Also if there is a common topic of distraction you would be able use this as an opportunity to include this in the task for motivation.

Now moving ahead you would like the students to work together at school group work is great but with google plus hangout that enables your students even better ways to work togther, of just using the chat built into Google docs.

When it comes to presenting the work traditionally the work is completed for the audience of 1, the teacher and some feedback given by matching the work to a preset criteria. But is the final work was assebled collaborativly onto Blogger than at each iteration students would be able to get feedback on it from the page rank algorithm. this means instread of wating for feedback at a later date. but if it was possible for students to get the page rank score for thier page against key words this would give them instant feedback and ability to refine the work. While the work would be missing some of the signals for the analysis such as incoming links. This reminds me of Conrad Wolfram talking about getting students to do what the computers do best,

likewise the computer can give the instant feed back during creating the work. The teacher would still need to do final marking of the work


eMaze Skills

June 23, 2011

Three things to do in emaze

Accessing Student Information.

Accessin and Printing your class lists

Your timetable including the rolling timetable and reliefs

Semester Mark Entry

June 20, 2011

Short 3 minute Video for using eMaze.

Hopefully this will really make your marks entry muck quicker, no more entering subject codes and no timetable codes. There are a few little things I would will be working with RM to get better but there will be no changes now until after the reporting process. Please click on the “Update” button after every 5 or so students just incase something interupts you. If you leave the computer while entering you data for 15 min it will log you out and you will lose any unsaved work.

Viewing excel and eMaze at the same time.

Longer Version with features explained.

Don’t forget if you want to see a bigger version use the fullscreen option by clicking on the small X like icon in the bottom corner of the video.

eMAZE 2 Quickly entering into Marksbook

June 16, 2011

Today eMaze has been upgraded just in time to help you enter your marks into marks book.

Please watch the video you will see a better way to use marksbook to really quickly enter all the marks into the marksbook.

Basically once you are in the marks book click on the assignment name at the top of the column this will allow you to enter all the results for that assignment in one screen.

Emailing Parents

June 2, 2011

If you are emailing parents make sure you are using the BC (Blind Copy) and use the adress book efficiently.

Downloading Youtube in Chrome

May 12, 2011
Copy this link in to the chrome address bar

Ipad Demo

May 9, 2011


While this document deals with the tools and apps a senior high school student may use as substitutive to traditional tasks it is intended to be a primer for teachers to allow them to accept this technology into the traditional classroom of the senior student heading toward their leavers exams.

While the students may be digital natives their education has not been digital immersed. it is hoped that this kind of approach ill see the student taking the lead with the device and getting wider, richer sources of knowledge and learning experiences, for those that continue at this stage of their education to continue in a traditional manner this program will no disrupt their learning.

It is important that reform continues into the earlier years so that this type of portible device and the access to recourses it enables can truly be tapped.

So while I am advocating the skills & Tools approach here please be mindful of the context and understand that I still work tirelessly for the 21C digital education that brings us forward. Please take the time to read Larry Ferlazzo on his advocation of blooms in his educational context

Understand we need to move beyond the substitution phase and take some time to read, Silvia Tolisano’s writing on Tool Set – Set – Mind Skill Set. As this is where we need to be moving.

Using the iPad

The Home Button

The iPad has only one button on it, this is called the home button any time i refer to the button it is this I am speaking about.

One click:

Wakes the iPad up when it’s asleep.

Takes you to the home screen from any other screen.

Takes you to the search screen if you are at the home screen.

Closes the App you using.

Two Clicks:

Brings up the fast switching menu, to swap between recently used Apps.


This App is in the Dock, it’s the web browser for the iPad. If you want to access the internet this is the default app. Browsing with your finger is easy swipe up and down to scroll the page.

Pinch to zoom

Tap and hold a hyperlink to open in a new page, this way you can return to your original page any time. Access the multiple pages using the icon on the toolbar.

There are other browsers available some have other features Atomic and iCab both allow multiple tabs.


iBooks is the default reader for books on the iPad it is not the only one but is is a good one not only can you read the books you can add notes and highlighting to books. With a true ebook the font size and style can be changed. PDF’s can be read in iBooks but they don’t have the same features.


This great little free App does allow you to easily add notes and a lot of other functionality to the PDF’s that you read and share with people. You can open a PDF direct from your email or send it to the device through itunes

iA Writer

The cleanest and most focused note taking and writing App on the ipad. Recommended by Stephen Fry No less. If you want to do more on the iPad there is a variety of more expansive apps that let you create richer content as you could on the MacBook. These apps are Pages(word-processing), Numbers(spreadsheet), Keynote(presentations), iMovie (video editing) and Garageband(music creation).

These are all paid Apps and most users would not need to use these, they are included here to show the level of creation possible on the iPad.

Other Apps for Students to use.


Of course there is more than just reading and writing possible, You are able to load movies onto the ipad for students to watch. Clickview are currently testing their new iPad app to have it available very soon


Fantastic App allows you to read a website while making notes on it and linking you references are automatically inserted at the click of a button.


While we have had a look at text books as PDF’s and Books on the iPad it is worth looking at the new developments in text Books. Textbooks redesigned for the new Technology, linked images and video as well as notes and sharing.


There is also ways of collecting our information that is easy and with the device you are able to take it with you on the go.

Choose your content and it is fetcher for you, refine your type and places by the information you read.

3D Brain

Sometimes its no a whole body of work you need to show. There are apps like 3D brain that just have specific detail on one topic shown in a way you would not normally see


Good app for when you just want to jot down some notes. The app has multiple notebooks you can create and it allows you to have multiple pages in each. It has hand recognition so when you rest your palm on it while writting it does not think you are trying to write there.

But can it fly?

While people ask does it have USB and I do this or why doesnt it have … You Have got to just use what it has and next time it will have even more

Adding Audio Help to Worksheets

April 17, 2011

To help students there are may techniques you can use to help them this is just one simple one that may help if you are giving work to 1:1 macbook students

Using Pages to do this is really simple just drag and drop, I know it can be done in word but you need to change it to be a floating object and then when you post it it only has a link to the audio not embedded. In pages it is simply drag drop and save.

Using Scootle

April 12, 2011

The Basics of Accessing Scootle and creating a learning Pathway

This is the link you need for all scootle learning pathways. you just need to give students the Code for the pathway you create. The link is always the same only the access code changes

link to user manual

eMAZE quick checksheets

April 1, 2011

Quickly Printing Checksheets Instruction Sheet

You can now create your check sheets without leaving the data entry screen. When you have finished entering the data just go up to the of the page and you will see a checksheet printing tab.

This change has been rushed in to help with these reports there will be more changes that people have requested coming for the mid year reports.