May 21st PD Day

All Sessions will be 2 hours long. You will be provided with media (photo’s, text and video) to make a directed project. Each topic will have 2 levels of session, Novice or Intermediate. In the intermediate sessions you may wish to bring your own resources and make your own project.

You may choose any two sessions but you will have to attend on Curriculum planning session with your main teaching area team.

Compulsory Session – Myclasses and curiculum development
Your choice of sessions each has novice or intermediate see descriptions below.
Podcasting – Creating and sharing learning sessions for students focused on audio but accompanied by video or image.
Presentations – Using Keynote to present information.
Video – Creating video based resources from video or photos.
Detailed descriptions below
If you haven’t heard of podcasting in education, then you’ve likely been hiding under a rock. Ever since iTunes launched a few of years ago, educators have been exploring not just the use of audio, but the connection of audio to the iPod and to other portable music devices. With the increased availability of easy-to-use tools and applications such as iTunesU, more and more teachers and students are jumping on the podcasting bandwagon.

In its true sense a pod cast is a collection of multimedia typically audio with accompanying images that users “subscribe” via an RSS feed so they automatically receive new updates. For context you can think of them as radio shows, but instead of having to tune your radio in at the right time it is automatically sent to you to listen to you at your leisure in the location of your choice at the time of your convenience.

But now typically in education the podcast tends to be a term used to describe any stream of information, audio, video, pictures that is made available to the students to watch at their own time. Typically it could be a video demonstration or powerpoint with audio.


finding good podcasts in itunes or itunesU
Collecting and organizing images in iPhoto to use in a podcast
Recording sound using garage band
Sharing the podcast with students

Recording and managing multiple tracks in garageband
Importing media from a variety of sources using the media manager.
Mixing video, Audio Photos
Converting keynotes to podcasts.

Example of a video podcast

Creating On Screen Presentations

If you’ve only ever used powerpoint or never created presentations before, you’ll find creating a presentation in keynote surprisingly simple. It all starts with an enhanced Theme Chooser that lets you preview an impressive collection of 44 themes. Drag across a theme to skim through its slide designs. Once you’ve chosen the perfect canvas for your presentation, simply substitute placeholder text and graphics with your own words and images. Thanks to the Slide Navigator, the progress of your presentation and its organization are always in view.

Easy-to-use tools let you add elements such as tables, charts, media, and shapes to your slides. Add a table with a click. Just as easily add a 3D chart that you can animate. With the Media Browser, you can drag and drop photos from your iPhoto library, movies from your Movies folder, and music from your iTunes library.

Creating a presentation
Running a presentation
Changing colours, fonts and backgrounds
Including images and videos

Using and editing multiple master slides
Using Magic move
Presenting in dual screen mode and using shortcut keys
Manipulating video
Image manipulation, alpha (transparency)
Media Placeholder use

Creating Video from Movies and Photos

Getting your video onto you macbook and organising it in iPhoto or iMovie will allow you to create wonderful presentations very quickly and simply. If you know how to drag and drop files, you know how to edit a movie in iMovie. Plug in a camcorder to import video, drag in some photos and some music or audio from iTunes, and before you know it, your class has created a historical documentary.


Importing photos or video
Managing photos in iPhoto
Creating quick presentations in iPhoto
Simple movie creation using video in iMovie

Precision editing
Green Screen effects
Picture in picture
Voiceover or audio from other tracks
enabling advanced editing options


8 Responses to “May 21st PD Day”

  1. Sue Lacey Says:

    Keynote novice and podcasting intermediate sessions please Sue

  2. Jes Phillips Says:

    Please put me down for Podcasting and Keynote.

  3. Sue Thring and Gloria Spackman Says:

    Hi James
    Gloria and I would like to do the Presentations and Video sessions…Novice please.

  4. jimbowa Says:

    Thanks for the quick responses I have only just put this up for information I will send out a booking sheet soon. Don’t book here

  5. Trevor Says:

    Can I please do intermediate versions of Podcasting and Creating Video
    Thank you very much

  6. Trevor Says:

    I think this would be the ideal place to book a session
    Isn’t this the digital age?

  7. Mark Martino Says:

    Hi James

    I would like to do Presentations and Video Intermediate thanks

  8. Des Says:

    Presentation and video novice please. Des.

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