Changing your School through ICT

Hi I need you help. I am looking for a 1 – 2min video from Administrators, Head Teachers, Heads of learning areas or Change agents within schools.

My School is a highly successful 7-12 school that is embarking on a 1:1 laptop program over the next few years. starting with year 7s next year. I have the usual cross section of teachers, all good teachers but not fully aware of the possibilities of ICT integration into their curriculum.

The Principal, Deputy and others are super supportive but as usual some people need to be shown what is possible. I am one person and I am trying to find one key for each teacher to hook them in to this learning journey.

What I would love is experienced teachers giving examples directly to other experienced teachers in subject contextual ways of the benefit of ICT integration.

This idea was inspired by Shelly Terrell Why Do we Connect Video which I was lucky enough to be able contribute.

I have Created a google doc for you to post your information in or you could do it by commenting on this page.

Some people have heard my message too many times (as an ICT teacher) or that of my small band of IT savvy young guns (I am not young) telling them how good it is to be connected. They think it is just going to be the same as now but the kids now have a laptop as well. (yes big generalisation there) I know as well as you there is no one path for all teachers I believe we cannot simply mandate change but we just need to put people on the pathway.

I am Blessed to work in a truly awesome school with such a range of activities for all students, Academic, Cultural, Performing Arts, Engineering, Visual Art, Sporting but my one contribution could be to put some teachers on the pathway to ICT integration and add to the richness of the student experience.

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