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Yr 10’s using their iPads

August 7, 2011

In the first week of the students with their iPads the skills you can expect are browsing the Internet & taking notes. The video here shows soe of the basics.

Students can browse the web on the iPads, they can read webpages. If you have uploaded word or powerpoint documents to the myclasses Learning Management System (LMS) the students will be able to read them on the iPad. they cannot edit them. Any text can be copied to the note taking app.


Adding Audio Help to Worksheets

April 17, 2011

To help students there are may techniques you can use to help them this is just one simple one that may help if you are giving work to 1:1 macbook students

Using Pages to do this is really simple just drag and drop, I know it can be done in word but you need to change it to be a floating object and then when you post it it only has a link to the audio not embedded. In pages it is simply drag drop and save.

eMAZE quick checksheets

April 1, 2011

Quickly Printing Checksheets Instruction Sheet

You can now create your check sheets without leaving the data entry screen. When you have finished entering the data just go up to the of the page and you will see a checksheet printing tab.

This change has been rushed in to help with these reports there will be more changes that people have requested coming for the mid year reports.

Entering Your Interim Marks

February 20, 2011

It’s very simple to enter your interim marks through emaze. Just follow these instructions.

Watching Clickview Videos at Home

February 20, 2011

To be able to watch the Clickview videos at home you will need to save them to your computer. Clickview uses a system they call schoolbag. This is a place that you can keep videos tat you want to watch when you aren’t connected to the network at school.

Using Clickview

February 14, 2011

Using Clickview video. This is identical tot he video available from the clickview website except I have shown you how to find the icon on you Mac.

For More instruction on any of the clickview features follow the links below

ClickView Player

Filming an iPod for use in Keynote

August 4, 2010

This is the steps I went through to get the film into my keynote.

Before you start iMovie make sure you have synced the video with iPhoto on the machine you are using or you will have to manually copy the file across to the machine you need.

The Filming was done with my iPhone 3Gs. I simply propped it up on two iPod cases as they just happend to be the right height but I think I will knock together a wooden stand for next time as I think I will be doing this a few times. I needed to move the table to get good light with no shadow on the ipod

Simple podcasting

July 2, 2010

At the conference we have been shown the simplest way I have ever seen to create podcast. Using only a iPod or iPhone.
I challenge all the teachers with a iPhone to make one over the holiday. I have a prize to give away to the first teacher to show me a podcast next term.

Tony Vincent’s web cast on podcasting th the conference
Follow that link for the instructions

Printing & Search in eMAze

May 6, 2010

Simple instructions for being able to print from eMaze:

Login to eMaze
Select Timetabling from top menu
Select Daily Organisation from left sidebar
Select from:
1) Print Student Timetables
2) Print Staff Timetables
3) Print Room Timetables

Getting Timetables in eMaze

April 30, 2010

If you want to view and print timetables using eMaze I recommend using the we browser called Safari. Safari is installed on your computer the beginning of the video shows you how to put in the dock.