Waking up thinking of Greg Whitby

Sometimes you need to fly to Queensland to Listen to a person from NSW to remind you what is happening in your own system.

Waking up at 4:00am Perth time because I am still running on Brisbane time and I am super keen to get to School today to work with the students and teachers I have a sudden though “Greg Whitby”.

Not the usual thoughts I have waking up on  school morning, but now I know why. Going to sleep last night I had just written my previous post about the inspiring keynotes I had heard, what things I wanted to do in the class, changes I wanted to work with others. But there was this nagging thought of the administration I needed to catch up with, the reporting process we are in the middle of how could I change anything with such constraints.

So why did I wake up thinking of Greg Whitby. In my last post I was super keen about getting the message from all the speakers to my school. Ewan McIntosh, Sugatra Mitra, Dan Haesler, Ken Robinson and Ian Jukes, these are people who professionally work with schools for change and do a fantastic job and in a heartbeat I would want to visit my school is only for 5 minutes.

But then there was Greg Whitby, and I realised he is the Executive Director of 78 Catholic Schools in Parramatta, He spoke with such fervour in regards to pedagogical evangelisation and on a daily basis he is responsible for all these Schools. Now to my friends who teach in Government Schools we are seen in the Catholic Schools as Stuffy Traditional Schools but remember when your mandate from the bishop is to see Gods miracle in every child and find each child’s gifts and allow them to grow and be nurtured, there is a little bit of pressure to be student centred in your education.

So to get a better understanding I went off to youtube to find more from Greg Whitby, This talk very much centred around the goal of re-imaging schooling which is found mentioned at 12;10 of this talk. This reminded me of the strategic direction that the catholic Education office of WA has put central to our teaching. We have a new Director Dr Tim MacDonald and he has put change and improvement front and centre. With this statement in the vision – Developing a hunger for the learning adventure. Sometimes you need to fly to Queensland to Listen to a person from New South Wales to remind you what is happening in your own system in Western Australia.

LEAD – Defining our Strategic Direction

  • Learning – is what we do. We are committed to learning at every level.
  • Engagement – is essential. We are committed to Catholic Education’s mission through positive relationships with all.
  • Accountability – is not optional. We have personal and collective responsibility for our systems’ success
  • Discipleship – is our calling. We are committed to deepening our relationship with Jesus.

Here are the 8 strategic goal from  Greg Whitby’s talk  12 minutes into his address to the System Leadership Day 2014. This was not his address to Edutech. At Edutech he was very passionate and talked on the change and centrality of the child and using technology and imagined schools to enhance the

  • Renewing Faith Formation
  • Precision in Leading Learning
  • Building Leadership Capacity
  • Building Corporate Knowledge Capability
  • Database integration
  • Strategic resourcing
  • Reimaging Schooling
  • Reviewing Religious education

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