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Why printing has not been enabled on the iPads at School

November 16, 2011

Educational reason.
If instead of photocopying worksheets they are simply distributed to students on the ipads with an expectation they will print them out for submission then we have not made any advance.

Students are able to print at home if they wish or need to this can be done a number of ways including directly from the ipad or from the computer the sync with. This makes the students complete a review process. If they need to complete something set as home work it cannot be completed during recess or another teachers lesson just before the lesson it is due. The student needs to plan the completion ahead of time and review and edit the work.

Technical reasons.

We are moving from a Novell based network to a Active Directories network. The current printing system does not allow iPad printing without purchasing new add on solutions. The new system for next year will.