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Imagine if Google did a Learning Management system

July 16, 2011

If you have googled it you have researched it. It has been great to see teachers move from assignments that simply ask for facts that can now be found so easily to analysis and but imagine now if the teacher had access to the analytics that Google has.

Lets start by setting an openeded question, a poorley formed probem with information missing that falls into the style Dan Meyer talks about in his speech.

Now once the students start researching if teachers could see in realtime the topics and the results. While the teacher would have set the background teaching and been involved in the topic discussion. But then during the research phase you may be able to get around to a number of students and help them, even identify patterns while helping and re focus or offer guidance. If the teacher had real time access to the data that Google has. being able to see the keywords and phrases used, seeing the long clicks and short clicks. See how the students change the search terms. That would be a fantastic resource seeing what direction the students are taking and being able to spot trends or missing chunks. Also if there is a common topic of distraction you would be able use this as an opportunity to include this in the task for motivation.

Now moving ahead you would like the students to work together at school group work is great but with google plus hangout that enables your students even better ways to work togther, of just using the chat built into Google docs.

When it comes to presenting the work traditionally the work is completed for the audience of 1, the teacher and some feedback given by matching the work to a preset criteria. But is the final work was assebled collaborativly onto Blogger than at each iteration students would be able to get feedback on it from the page rank algorithm. this means instread of wating for feedback at a later date. but if it was possible for students to get the page rank score for thier page against key words this would give them instant feedback and ability to refine the work. While the work would be missing some of the signals for the analysis such as incoming links. This reminds me of Conrad Wolfram talking about getting students to do what the computers do best,

likewise the computer can give the instant feed back during creating the work. The teacher would still need to do final marking of the work