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eMaze Skills

June 23, 2011

Three things to do in emaze

Accessing Student Information.

Accessin and Printing your class lists

Your timetable including the rolling timetable and reliefs


Semester Mark Entry

June 20, 2011

Short 3 minute Video for using eMaze.

Hopefully this will really make your marks entry muck quicker, no more entering subject codes and no timetable codes. There are a few little things I would will be working with RM to get better but there will be no changes now until after the reporting process. Please click on the “Update” button after every 5 or so students just incase something interupts you. If you leave the computer while entering you data for 15 min it will log you out and you will lose any unsaved work.

Viewing excel and eMaze at the same time.

Longer Version with features explained.

Don’t forget if you want to see a bigger version use the fullscreen option by clicking on the small X like icon in the bottom corner of the video.

eMAZE 2 Quickly entering into Marksbook

June 16, 2011

Today eMaze has been upgraded just in time to help you enter your marks into marks book.

Please watch the video you will see a better way to use marksbook to really quickly enter all the marks into the marksbook.

Basically once you are in the marks book click on the assignment name at the top of the column this will allow you to enter all the results for that assignment in one screen.

Emailing Parents

June 2, 2011

If you are emailing parents make sure you are using the BC (Blind Copy) and use the adress book efficiently.