Analysing Teachers survey responses

This link takes you to a document where I have shown responses to one question placed on continuum that shows the adoption of ICT into the curriculum by staff.

There is no point collecting the responses from the staff unless they are read, contextualised and more importantly used to shape the next steps of the process. From feedback I have we can see that people are on the continuum and some have already shown progression from the initial responses in both skill set and understanding of implementation of ICT in the curriculum.

It has also allowed me to identify those at the ends of the continuum, those that are just starting out on the journey and have some ideas but feel their skill set is holding them back. There are also those that I am holding back as I can only provide a narrow focus of professional development, I now need to get these people engaged with different sources of knowledge to extend them.

But how to bring these non-responders along. I love feedback you need the negative or doubting to ensure you are doing the right thing and to check the progress but the only thing that drives me mad is the non responders, they will sit and not engage in activities, complain to friends postulate about their ideas to like-minded but not get involved in the process.

The rubric for the continuum is from work by Paul Newhouse


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