Teachers shouldn’t have to be leader all the time.

It is interesting getting the responses from teachers when asking about ICT integration into their classes. While some teachers are very forthcoming with ideas and things to try, even if they are unsure of how to implement them others take a real view of just tell me what I have to do, show me how it is done and I will do it.

This is understanding, considering the deadline driven nature of education the pressure to achieve goals and commitments to may facets of school life.

“recognise that teachers’ involvement with ICT is undoubtedly influenced by the working contexts in which teachers find themselves. Innovation and adaptation are costly in terms of the time needed to develop and establish new practices.”

Sara Hennessy, Kenneth Ruthven and Sue Brindley

It can be argued that teachers don’t need to be leaders in all the aspects we do expect them to be role models, but what is wrong with waiting to be delivered a mature product that works and can be integrated into their current class environment?

“aware that both they and their students are developing; aware of role model status”

Dr. Paul Newhouse, Dr. Sue Trinidad, Dr. Barney Clarkson Teacher Professional ICT Attributes A Framework

It is inevitable that some teachers will see this as an opportunity and have a flair of the demands but other teachers passions lie elsewhere. That is good but as an educator you do need to be more than a knowledge vessel ready to pour learning out like a fountain you need to engage the students in their world and bring, with meaning and connection your knowledge and methods of gaining it to the student. If you or your text is the only source you allow to be explored in the class then the best the students can hope for is to be as good as you. Your goal as a teacher should be to get the students to be better than you.

I would not expect all teachers to be leaders in the use and implementation of ICT into the curriculum but they must be role models and they need to be on a journey, some will lead some will follow. But if you are not on the journey and give no input then expect to be in an place where all the people have left.

“teachers becoming leaders seeks out PD, groups for support, guidance, self-development; acts as role model; gives advice thoughtfully and without reservation; finds time to support others seeking guidance and help”

Dr. Paul Newhouse, Dr. Sue Trinidad, Dr. Barney Clarkson Teacher Professional ICT Attributes A Framework


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