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Creating a Slide Show – iPhoto

February 26, 2010

Use iPhoto to organise your photos. You can also use iPhoto to create slideshows.


Google Books

February 23, 2010

A closer look at google books. A very useful tool for research.

You can find books on topics search inside books for key words, review the books and find out where to buy it from.

Google Search Extras

February 23, 2010

We can all google something but what about the extra features Google offer to help sort you information?

Using Google Docs

February 21, 2010

How can google doc help people working together?

Near map Local Hi-Res Aerial Photos

February 20, 2010

Aerial Photo graphy can be great for a variety of uses while we all know about google earth and maps another good site is nearmap. This provides high quality images of Perth and its surrounds (as well as other locals) currently perth have some of the highest resolution images of any of the locations. This site allows you to find a location by address just like other mapping applications. but it then presents you with a tool bar at the top where you can scroll through all the older images fopr the same location. The older images will typically go back to 2007 and cover a few photos per year so you will be able to see seasonal changes.

You can do the same with google maps or earth back to around 2000 but the image quality is not as fine.

Switching Between multiple documents in multiple apps

February 17, 2010

Some times you have so many windows open you just cant seem to switch to the right one. The little white light below the icon on the doc shows you it is open but when you click on the icon it only shows you the document you were last looking at. To choose a different document that you have open from the same app click on the icon while holding down the control button

Storing Youtube Videos for offline viewing

February 17, 2010

If you want to show students some Youtube videos but are worried about the video working at the time or not having internet access you can store it offline to show whenever you want.

You will need to install a add-on to firefox called Downloadhelper

Please respect copyright you should only use this for educational purposes and to place shift items you may otherwise have trouble viewing live off the internet.

Untrusted Site warning on College Intranet

February 17, 2010

When you are browsing the College intranet you may get a warning that says you are going to an untrusted site. As it at the college you don’t have to worry just add an exception. Once you have done this on the computer you will never have to do it again. If you get this error while using Internet explorer on a PC you can do the same but there are more steps involved but the idea is the same.

Creating Graphs for use in documents

February 14, 2010

Create Graphs and insert them into word documents etc.

Use spotlight to find the grapher app and have some fun.

Equation Editor

February 14, 2010

Useful for Maths and Science. Creating a test or worksheet there is a built in equation editor. If you have a document with an equation from fx equation you will be able to edit it by just double clicking on it.