Learning Space

December 5, 2012

My Idea for a new room

My Talk at ACEC

October 3, 2012

Here is the PDF.

I will upload the talk with video later that ill have the audio talk included

Group Learning Activity

May 23, 2012

This activity was a first taste for the students in being combined into a large class and allowed freedom to manage the group and content of the topic.

Outline was very simple. Students were given the topic of “Spreadsheets” this was explained to them as a compulsory topic they need to learn. There only direction was to create a 5 minute entertaining tutorial on using a spreadsheet. The topic was deliberately not focused at any time to enable exploration of the group work method and methods of presenting.

As stimulus the idea was introduced through watching the following 2 videos.

TEDxNYED – Will Richardson This first video we only watch the first 3 minutes. Then we discussed some examples of that students can learn any they want to Learn. The emphasis is on “want”

Next we watch this video.

We only just needed to watch up until just after 10 minutes when he had described the “Gateshead”. This set the rules Groups of 4, work on one computer and groups are flexible.

Here are some of the results. the students had 3 lesson (about 2 and a half hours) to create. If you are an ICT teacher you will be appalled at the skills in spreadsheets. but the was not the aim at this time. It was to get them to look at a topic, engage in it, work together and produce. Later when I show them some skills in spreadsheets I hope this activity means the may be a little more interested in the topic.

Here are the students working, we could not do this in a classroom so we took over any space we could. these were outside but we also took over the corridors outside the rooms, the loby of the auditorium and on a few times I called in some favours swapped with teachers and got 3 adjoining rooms to put the 70 students in.

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Here are the videos, the keen part for me is not the group presentation but the reflections.

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5

Group 6

Group 8


Class Pad and efofx on the macbook

December 5, 2011

Ict integration & Learning Management Systems

December 5, 2011

Why printing has not been enabled on the iPads at School

November 16, 2011

Educational reason.
If instead of photocopying worksheets they are simply distributed to students on the ipads with an expectation they will print them out for submission then we have not made any advance.

Students are able to print at home if they wish or need to this can be done a number of ways including directly from the ipad or from the computer the sync with. This makes the students complete a review process. If they need to complete something set as home work it cannot be completed during recess or another teachers lesson just before the lesson it is due. The student needs to plan the completion ahead of time and review and edit the work.

Technical reasons.

We are moving from a Novell based network to a Active Directories network. The current printing system does not allow iPad printing without purchasing new add on solutions. The new system for next year will.

The iTap

August 9, 2011

As if managing the macbooks and now the year 10′s with iPads but now we can’t even get a cup of tea before mastering technology. Stay tuned next week wee look at integrating the coffe machine into your daily routine

Yr 10′s using their iPads

August 7, 2011

In the first week of the students with their iPads the skills you can expect are browsing the Internet & taking notes. The video here shows soe of the basics.

Students can browse the web on the iPads, they can read webpages. If you have uploaded word or powerpoint documents to the myclasses Learning Management System (LMS) the students will be able to read them on the iPad. they cannot edit them. Any text can be copied to the note taking app.

Imagine if Google did a Learning Management system

July 16, 2011

If you have googled it you have researched it. It has been great to see teachers move from assignments that simply ask for facts that can now be found so easily to analysis and but imagine now if the teacher had access to the analytics that Google has.

Lets start by setting an openeded question, a poorley formed probem with information missing that falls into the style Dan Meyer talks about in his speech.

Now once the students start researching if teachers could see in realtime the topics and the results. While the teacher would have set the background teaching and been involved in the topic discussion. But then during the research phase you may be able to get around to a number of students and help them, even identify patterns while helping and re focus or offer guidance. If the teacher had real time access to the data that Google has. being able to see the keywords and phrases used, seeing the long clicks and short clicks. See how the students change the search terms. That would be a fantastic resource seeing what direction the students are taking and being able to spot trends or missing chunks. Also if there is a common topic of distraction you would be able use this as an opportunity to include this in the task for motivation.

Now moving ahead you would like the students to work together at school group work is great but with google plus hangout that enables your students even better ways to work togther, of just using the chat built into Google docs.

When it comes to presenting the work traditionally the work is completed for the audience of 1, the teacher and some feedback given by matching the work to a preset criteria. But is the final work was assebled collaborativly onto Blogger than at each iteration students would be able to get feedback on it from the page rank algorithm. this means instread of wating for feedback at a later date. but if it was possible for students to get the page rank score for thier page against key words this would give them instant feedback and ability to refine the work. While the work would be missing some of the signals for the analysis such as incoming links. This reminds me of Conrad Wolfram talking about getting students to do what the computers do best,

likewise the computer can give the instant feed back during creating the work. The teacher would still need to do final marking of the work

eMaze Skills

June 23, 2011

Three things to do in emaze

Accessing Student Information.

Accessin and Printing your class lists

Your timetable including the rolling timetable and reliefs


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